• An item that is not yet in stock and not available for immediate release
  • Funko allows their Direct Retailers pre-sell in advance of actual receipt
  • An item is designated on the site with a red banner that says” NEW PREORDER”, The word “PREORDER” on the Blue Action Button and below that is text that provides an Estimated Release based upon current information
  • An item is considered a Pre-Order until Jays Pops N Stuff has received our allocations from Funko. Some retailers are on different schedules. Please how distribution process below
  • Preorder cancellations are subject to the Preorder Policy 
  • In addition, the Preorder Policy is prominently displayed on each product on the site.
  • By placing a Preorder, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of that policy

Estimated Release:

  • Noted below each qualifying item that indicates the estimated Month and Year an item is expected to be received In Stock
  • Estimated Release Times are subject to change as dictated by Funko and often do, sometimes even arriving before
  • The Estimated Release Times are updated a couple days prior to the end of each month if they are not going to be received with the designated month
  • As mentioned above, the status of each item is based on whether or when Jays Pops N Stuff receives it. We cannot control if another retailer has it in hand before and can guarantee that there are many retailers awaiting their allocations just as us.

In Stock:

  • Once allocations are received on site, they are considered In Stock and available to ship
  • A Blue “New” Banner will replace the Red “New Preorder” Banner for a short time for New Arrivals, the Blue Action Button will read “Add To Cart” instead of “Preorder” and there will not be any Estimated Release under the item


The Process:

  • Funko sends a list to all of their Authorized Funko Retailers of products expected to release in advance, typically 90 days (Estimated) from the time they take in orders. 
  • These items are “Embargoed” and Retailers not permitted to advertise or take preorders until Funko gives the authorization to do so
  • Jays Pops N Stuff submits the preorder to Funko for processing
  • Funko begins to line up the retailer orders in their system and begin to take their submitted allocations and placing them “in line” to determine an initial Estimated Planned Ship Date to the Retailer

Important to Note

The Estimated Planned Ship Date to the retailer changes multiple times between the initial date provided to the retailer and the actual Ship Date. 

Factors that impact this date

  • The number of pieces of product produced from overseas
  • Time it takes to offload and process through the LA Port
  • Transit time from the Port to the Distribution Warehouse in Buckeye AZ
  • Time it takes the Fulfillment Team to receive, counts verified and added to inventory for purpose of distribution to Retailers

After the above process, the Distribution operation determines what day items are pulled from that inventory and added to a combined pick and final processing begins.

Authorized Funko Retailers do not have any control when products are pulled for release

Last step is for Funko to load onto a truck and send off to the retailers


That’s great and all but I just want to know when I’m getting my Preorders

  • Standard Policy is to release Funko products the next business day upon Jays Pops N Stuff receiving incoming shipments
  • Jays Pops N Stuff is currently a 4-business day in transit from the time of release from the Buckeye AZ Facility
  • Once notified of a pending release, Preorder Invoices are printed in advance and are prepped for final processing. 
  • Upon receipt, labels are generated and packages prepared, shipment release and tracking information is sent either via email or text, depending what method customers choose to be notified


What if I have a combination of In Stock and Preorder items or I have multiple Preorder items estimated to release at different times?

In Stock / Preorder Combination:

  • If you have a combination of In Stock and Preorder items, your order will release to you once the final item is received in stock

Multiple Preorder Items with different Estimated Release Times

  • If you have multiple Preorders estimated to release from Funko at different times, your order will release once the final item is received in stock
  • In Stock Items release within 1 – 2 business days of a cleared payment.  A cleared payment is defined when the payment processor deposits funds to our account.
  • If ordering over the weekend (Friday – Sunday) Please allow an extra day due to any transactions over a weekend won’t begin processing until Monday

Is there any way to get my In Stock / Preorder or Multiple Preorders items shipped without waiting for the final item to come in?

  • If you wish to get your items released as soon as they arrive in from Funko, the recommendation is to place separate orders.  This will trigger immediate release


As with anything there are exceptions that can and are made but they are done so on a case-by-case basis.

Scenario 1 – Customer has multiple orders in the system

  • First and foremost, I want to thank you for your loyalty and return business!
  • If you have multiple orders in the system, a case-by-case review is done to see if they qualify for a “reshuffle and release”.  This is a review that is done to see if items can be bundled differently for release if an item or items from one order is ready to ship with an item or items from other orders.  So long as a customer has pending orders, this review will be done and orders shipped.

NOTE:  If a customer has one order in the system, the order will release upon receipt of all the remaining items in that order

Scenario 2 – Funko announces a significant delay due to production

  • In these cases, a review is done to determine the time that Funko’s revised estimated release will impact an order from leaving.  Those orders that qualify will be shipped out with those items that are in stock at the time

Why don’t you just release items as soon as they come in?

  • Your Shipping Rates are determined by the items ordered total weight and dollar amount.  Jays Pops N Stuff offers US Based customers whose purchase exceeds $75 free shipping and the Free Shipping qualifier is based on the intent that customers trade off paying shipping fees for waiting until all items arrive in stock.
  • The Case-by-Case exceptions come into play during the above-mentioned scenarios

Do you oversell and will my preorder be cancelled?

  • Jays Pops N Stuff doesn’t oversell preorders.  The quantities that are put up fall below the confirmed number expected to receive.
  • Unless Funko outright cancels and item and they notify us, you can be assured that your preorder is both confirmed and reserved