Our Preorder Policy is simple – You are welcome to preorder items but in doing so you are understanding of the following:

Cancelling a Preorder:

You may cancel a Preorder within 48 hours of the time of purchase for a full refund.  After that 48 hours, you may request a refund less 25% of the original order.  This is due to we have place a confirmed order with our vendors 

  • The item is not yet in stock
  • The Estimated Release is placed prominently on those items which fall into the Preorder Category AND is subject to change ( which as it does from day to day ) as information is provided to us from Funko
  • Please be aware that Funko does not plan its release of products to their Authorized Direct Selling Partners (which we are one) so that everybody gets them in stock on the exact same day.  This means someone else may be flashing it around while our stock may be either in transit or pending release.  If you see products elsewhere, you can be assured that our inventory should be arriving within the next 30 days.
  • Please be assured that you are ordering from Jays Pops N Stuffs CONFIRMED quantities and that your item is yours – we won’t take it away from you.
  • As much as I would like not to be, we play the same waiting game as you do – we get daily updates and notifications when product is released.  This is why we take the steps on the design of this site to put you in the know and not hide anything.
  • Not Responsible for Supplier Delays

Revised 6/19/2021