Jays Pops N Stuff, based in Delaware, is a Direct Selling Partner of Funko LLC, selling to eBay customers since 2018 under the eBay ID jayspopsnstuff and our eBay store Jayspopsnstuff.  We are also proud to be Authorized Resellers of PopShield protectors, the most economical and sturdiest protector on the market in our opinion

How did this all start?  Pretty much the same as yours did - I was in a huge bookstore in the mall frantically looking for those last minute stocking stuffers and as usually with no clue.  I didn't want traditional boring stuff and as I turned the corner I gazed upon the Funko display in front of me and found something special for those I was shopping for.

Like any hobby, it starts with one and keeps growing like the tiny snowball rolling down the hill of the mountain.  These things were cool and there was a a category to satisfy EVERYONE, hence our slogan:

"There's a bit of Funko in all of us"

When I began on eBay I had a goal to satisfy the most meticulous collector and making sure that when they ordered from me they could expect to receive their prized possession with the same high standards as I would expect.  This is why we make sure that each Pop that meets the PopShield standardized size gets shipped with one to add one more layer of in transit protection.

I appreciate you taking the time to check out our site and spreading the word about Jays Pops N Stuff.  If you've been a customer on eBay and left feedback, I cant thank you enough.  You're the driver behind this site being developed!

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business and trust.  Please don't hesitate to reach out using the Contact Us link on the site, you will always receive a prompt reply.

Have fun collecting - that's what its all about!!

Stay safe and healthy