Frequently Asked Questions

 When will my order ship?

  • In Stock Orders ship 1 to 2 business days upon payment clearing.
  • A Cleared Payment is defined when that transaction is designated as funds deposited by the payment processor – i.e.; Shop Pay, PayPal, etc.,

How will my order be shipped?

  • Jays Pops N Stuff utilizes both UPS and USPS as our shipping carriers

I’m an in-box collector – Is my order Mint Guaranteed?

  • Jays Pops N Stuff caters to the In-box collector – whether you are one or not! Items that re made available to the site have been inspected for potential in transit damages (including boxes) before they become part of the available stock – those that have dented boxes from transit don’t make the cut
  • Because you are purchasing the contents inside the box and not the cardboard that it comes in, and the word “Mint” is a subjective one, there may be slight imperfections that are made during the manufacturing process. For this reason, we don’t state that “Mint Guarantee” But we are confident that you will be receiving a high-quality product in condition.

Do you ship Internationally?

  • We ship worldwide – International customers are responsible for all duties and taxes imposed by your respective countries

How do I know my order won’t come damaged?

  • We all have had that experience – you eagerly await the day your order arrives only to find it sent to you either in a bag or previously used box that looks like it’s been ran over not to mention its possibly caved in. Jays Pops N Stuff uses new 200 lb tested corrugated boxes for each order.  Additionally, your item is secured by the appropriate type of bubble wrap and if your item is a standard size, ships inside a Protector.  While we do our best to send you a secure package – accidents will sometimes occur but the method used has proven to be successful

Are your Funko Pops legit?

  • Jays Pops N Stuff is proud to be an Authorized Direct Selling Partner of Funko, LLC. All our inventory comes directly through Funko – with the exception of some shared exclusives – and is authentic

 What is your Preorder policy?

  • Jays Pops N Stuff has discontinued Pay In Advance for Preorders and has implemented a Sign Up To Be Notified Process
  • The New Process went in effect November 2023.  Please review the new process here

How do I track my order?

  • Once your order ships, you will receive notification sent to you which includes the tracking number

Do you accept returns?

  • The Return Policy can be found here

Do you offer discounts?

  • Customers and Subscribers can expect to receive special discounts and promotions
  • We recommend that you sign up to receive announcements via email

I preordered something and I see it in stores and on eBay – where is my order?

  • This is by far one of the most common question asked and for a completely transparent answer, here goes: Funko controls the release and distribution process and as part of that process we, like all of their direct selling partners order months in advance for product.
  • Once in the system, Funko begins to distribute an ESTIMATED Ship date for each sellers’ allocations. It’s important to understand that each direct selling partners allocation release date will vary and although it may be close, most often will not arrive in stock on the same day
  • These Estimated Release dates change daily, sometimes extending and sometimes improving. As you can see on each item which is labelled prominently on the site as a Preorder, there is an Estimated Release for those items based upon the most current info that is received from Funko.  As that info changes to the point where it impacts the current info on the site, the site will update
  • We want you to have your orders in hand as soon as possible, but we need that product in our hands to get it to you. Your orders are secure as you reserve the confirmed quantities based upon our preorders. 
  • We do not oversell and cancel your order at the last minute